Singapore clay sand production line site

Sep. 02, 2019

After three weeks, our after-sales installers finally completed the installation of the clay sand production line.

Product Description


The features of the equipment are advanced technology, reliable performance, rational structure, flexible layout, simple application and maintenance. The PLC control system is applied to realize mechatronics integration system. At present, there are 16 series, more than 80 kinds of production for the regeneration production line.


Clay sand processing production line
Vibration conveyor, cast hanging conveyor, belt conveyor, magnetic separation machine, winding machine, hexagonal mesh, sand library, two-way cooling bed, hoisting machine, belt machine, boiling reclaimer, belt conveyor, hoist, discharger, belt machine, sand library, the disc feeder, belt conveyor, hoist, belt conveyor, exhaust ventilator, accessories, two-way feeder, screw feeder, accessories electronic scale sand mixing machine, belt machine, the disc feeder.


1. Flask shaker
Exciting fore of vibration motor make the falling sand along the chute to the bucket machine, with advanced and reasonable structure, shakeout of high efficiency, smooth and steady, low noise.


2. Belt conveyor
This conveyor is a new type designed according to the special application of casting plant. It is mainly used for conveying the new sand, used sand, molding sand, coat and lime stone as well as the construction material, chemical industry and food processing for all granular or block shape material.


3. Vibratory crusher
S33 series vibratory crusher series is based on similar products designed to improve equipment used mainly for high-performance crusher sand resin sand broken pieces. It uses the principle of suspension vibration. vibration motor torque generated excitation to block sand the vibration of a certain law of vibration, through mutual collision and friction of the city of sand to achieve the purpose of crushing.


4. Bucket elevator
This machine is a vertical transferring machine which is applied in mechanical casting plant. It is mainly used for elevating the used sand, waste sand, new sand, cleaning iron shot, etc. Combined with the belt conveyor and other devices, we can design many kind of transferring system. The features are small external size, less volume and higher elevation level so that the layout drawing will be compact.


5. Centrifugal regenerator
The centrifugal machine adopts the principle of dry-process centrifugal regeneration. It is mainly used for used resin sand regeneration. The used sand will be thrown to wear-resisting lining by the high speed rotating blade. And the inert cover on the surface of resin sand will be removed by the rub and collision process between the sand articles, blade and box. According to the process requirement, the process will be repeated for many times till the target achieved.

6. Stationary inertia shakeout machine

This series shakeout machine used in casting workshop manual, mechanization and semi-automatic model of small and medium-sized casting after casting sand, sand and sand box, casting part. After the separation of sand group further broken, and through the grid hole fall or vibration conveyor belt. According to the weight and sand box size of workpiece, can install two or four parallel.

7. Rotor type sand mixer technique parameter

TypePlate diameter(mm)Plus the material(kg/s)Productivity(t/h)Motor power(kw)


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