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Do You Know Anything About Concrete Shot Blasting Machine?

Apr. 20, 2020

Concrete shot blasting machine mainly solves the defects of the concrete surface treatment, it can clean up the scum and impurities on the concrete surface at one time and can roughen the surface of the concrete to make the surface uniform and rough, Greatly improving the adhesion strength of the waterproof layer and the concrete base, so that the waterproof layer and the bridge deck can be better combined, and at the same time, it can fully expose the cracks of the concrete and play a preventive role.

Centrifugal shot blasting machine treatment of bridge deck is an efficient, clean and dust-free method for impurities with a hard surface. This method is most commonly used. Inside the shot blasting equipment is a high-speed rotating impeller, abrasive, dust And the impurities are cleaned to the debris recycling machine, and the cleaned steel shots can be recycled again. The shot-blasted concrete surface is clean and hard and has a relatively uniform texture. On a barrier-free horizontal surface, This method is particularly applicable.

working principle

Hot sale shot blasting machine uses a motor-driven shot blast wheel to generate centrifugal force and wind force during high-speed rotation. When a certain-sized pellet flows into the pellet tube (which can control the flow of the pellet), it is accelerated Taken into the high-speed rotating ball-splitting wheel. Under the action of centrifugal force, the projectile is thrown into the directional sleeve from the window of the ball-splitting wheel and then thrown out through the window of the directional sleeve (to control the direction of the shot of the pellet). Pick up, and continue to accelerate along the length of the blade until it is thrown out. The projected projectiles form a certain fan-shaped stream, which impacts the working plane and plays a cleaning and strengthening role. Then the projectile, dust, and impurities pass through the rebound chamber to the top of the storage hopper. The high-power dust collector separates the pellets and dust through the separation device above the storage hopper. The pellets enter the storage hopper and continue to be recycled, and the dust enters the dust collector through the connection pipe. When the dust enters the dust collector, it will stay in the ash storage hopper and the surface of the filter core through the separation of the filter core. The automatic blowback dust collector can automatically clean each filter element by the blowback air provided by the compressor. Finally, the inside of the machine is cleaned by the airflow of the matching vacuum cleaner, and the pellets and the cleaned impurities are separately recovered, and the pellets can be reused. The shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can achieve dust-free and pollution-free construction, which not only improves efficiency but also protects the environment.

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

Advantages of shot blasting machine

The product uses high-quality materials: thickened type, durable use, the longest use time can reach 8-10 years, the shot blaster structure is unique, the material has good impact toughness, good wear resistance, and the wear layer can be used during the process Constantly achieve regeneration.

The life of other wearing parts is also based on normal use and processing environment. The service life is only an estimate, and many uncertainties will affect the final result.

1. The operation and preparation work are simple, clean up at any time, and evacuate at any time.

2. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC control, phase sequence protection, text display and many other advanced electrical control technologies to ensure the accurate realization of various functions.

3. The cleaning speed, steel shot supply amount, pulse backflushing time period, dust cleaning filter cartridge cleaning interval time, etc. can be set according to different conditions of the road surface, and the ideal cleaning effect can be achieved through the adjustment of the parameter combination.

4. Wide working area and high efficiency.

5. The whole construction process is dust-free and pollution-free, which is beneficial to environmental protection and the health of construction personnel.

6. The pavement structure is basically not damaged during construction.

7. Pulse automatic blowback dust removal, can achieve continuous work.

8. The steel shot automatically circulates inside the equipment, and the consumption is very low.

9. The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, disassembly is fast, and maintenance and replacement of wearing parts are convenient.

10. With a vacuum cleaner, it can achieve the effect of no dust or fine dust when working, protecting the health of the operator.

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