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Application and operation safety of shot blasting machine

Dec. 02, 2019

The shot blasting machine was first used to remove sticky sand and scale from castings and forgings. It mainly uses high-speed rotating impellers to throw out the shot sand and hit the surface of the parts at high speed to meet the requirements of surface treatment. The shot sand speed is generally 50 ~ 100nds.

With the official release of the new international ballast tank coating specifications, the requirements and standards for ship plate coatings are clearly included in the classification conditions. Higher requirements have been placed on the anticorrosive performance and service life of ship coatings to ensure the safety of the hull structure.

There is a stricter and clearer guide to the quality control of coatings and coating construction for new shipbuilding. Therefore, the steel plate shot blasting machine must deal with some technical problems in handling the strength of steel plates. The engineer involves a more reasonable shot blasting machine structure. In order to meet the development needs, the engineer is constantly reforming the structure of the shot blasting machine, so as to maximize the effective use of the shot blasting machine for various industries.

Among them, the roller pass type road shot blasting machine plays a great role in ships, high-speed rail construction, and chemical machinery. The shot blasting machine belongs to the plane roller table; the running speed is stepless variable frequency speed regulation, and the load per meter is 1000Kg.

Note: The total length of the rollers is 37.5 meters, and the distance between the rollers is 800-1000 mm.


The roller drive adopts flexible angle drive. The planetary reducer transmission is used to obtain the required speed. The cleaned workpieces on the drive roller drive are driven by the drive sprocket through the chain and continuously travel along the track.

The roller table is made of special high-strength φ152mm seamless steel pipe with a maximum load of 1000KG / M. Conveying roller table is composed of input roller table, shot blasting table roller table and output roller table.

The input and output roller table rollers are welded by high-quality carbon steel seamless steel tubes and quenched and tempered shaft heads. The outline and installation dimensions are processed after welding, which guarantees the load of 1T / m and the coaxiality.

The rollers in the chamber are made of high chromium molybdenum special iron protective sleeves after processing and heat treatment, which effectively prolongs the service life and reduces the maintenance rate. Both ends of the bearings adopt labyrinth protection, which prevents the intrusion of dust and broken projectiles and increases the service life of the bearings.

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

Operational safety

1. It is forbidden to operate the shot blasting machine without protective equipment.

2. When adding or recycling iron sand, the dust removal fan, horizontal screw, bucket elevator and vertical screw must be turned on first.

3. Turn on the dust removal pulse backflush periodically to remove dust. Extend the dust blowback time for 30 minutes after shutdown.

4. It is forbidden to continuously turn on each control switch in a short interval. Prevent excessive current from burning the meter.

5. Regularly check the wear of various wear parts, and regularly clean the garbage at the filter screen and pill valve.

6. During the lifting process, do not place your body under the component, try to avoid the direction in which the component falls, and pay attention to the safety of lifting.

7. Pay attention to slip and fall.

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