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Daily maintenance and maintenance of shot blasting machine

Dec. 10, 2019

Shot blasting machine is one of the most commonly used surface cleaning equipment in the foundry industry. In daily use, due to the continuous high-speed shot blasting of very heavy castings, the wear on the shot blasting machine is still very large. Therefore, during normal use, it is necessary to develop maintenance for the shot blasting machine. Only by keeping the daily maintenance work of the shot blasting machine in place can the life of the shot blasting machine be longer and the castings can be increased. Production efficiency, and improve the cleaning strength of the casting surface, so that the casting surface meets the needs of use.

First, the operation position of the shot blasting machine belongs to a special post. If you want to engage in the operation of the shot blasting machine, you must first pass the job training and undergo relevant training of the shot blasting machine. Only some of these can be employed. During the training, there is a very good explanation on the daily maintenance of the shot blasting machine.

Second, because the shot blasting machine needs to be used every day, when using the shot blasting machine, it is necessary to register the equipment management log of the steel plate shot blasting machine. The log content must include the daily maintenance time, maintenance items and Weekly maintenance records.

Third, before starting the shot blasting machine every day, it is necessary to timely perform dust removal and debris cleaning for the shot blasting machine, and regularly perform lubrication maintenance on the shot blasting machine.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that only if the daily maintenance of the shot blasting machine is in place, then when the shot blasting machine maintenance work is performed regularly, not only can the production efficiency of castings be improved, but also the life of the shot blasting machine can be extended Let the shot blasting machine better provide higher production efficiency for casting production.

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Daily maintenance and upkeep:

1. Whether the fixing bolts on all the throwing heads and the throwing head motors are loose, and they are tightened immediately when they are found loose.

2. Wear of the wear parts in the shot blasting machine and the protective plate in the shot blasting room, and replace the worn parts in time.

3. Check the blades and replace them when they are half worn.

4. Check if the pointer of the directional sleeve is correct.

5. Whether the door of the main room of the shot blasting machine is closed tightly.

6. Whether there is air leakage in the dust removal pipe, and whether there is dust or damage in the filter bag in the dust collector.

7. There are no deposits and other debris on the spiral shell and filter screen of the separator and remove them in time.

8. Check whether the flow screen of the separator is uniform and forms a full curtain.

9. Whether the electronically controlled feed gate valve is closed.

10. Check whether the status of each limit switch and proximity switch is normal.

11. Check whether the working status of each signal indicator on the console is normal.

12. Check whether the small shot blaster motor current is within the rated range.

13. Clean the dust on the electrical control box.

14. Check the wear of the guide tube tube gasket, the rubber gate of the working door and the top seal to avoid abrasive loss.

15. Remove debris on the floor grid to ensure projectile recovery.16. Check whether the total amount of shots in the abrasive silo is sufficient.

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