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Five Categories of Blasting Cleaning Equipment

May. 09, 2020

Shot blasting machine is a kind of high speed projectile projectile has achieved the casting parts, forging pieces and other surface sand and oxidation skin removal effect. Shot Blasting Machine in actual workpiece kinds roughly divided into 5 types, shot blasting machine manufacturers to introduce for you.

1. Caterpillar shot blasting machine

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of large and medium-sized production workpieces. The cleaning workpieces must be castings and heat treatment with a single weight of less than 200kg. The machine can be used as a single machine or a complete set.Application: die casting, precision castings, precision forgings, cleaning, finishing.Remove the surface skin of heat treated parts, castings and forgings.Spring reinforcement.Derusting and pretreatment of fasteners.

2. Hook type shot blasting machine

Hook type shot blasting machine as a standard model of the shot blasting cleaning machine, the biggest load of 10000 kg, and this kind of shot blasting machine is of very high production efficiency, flexibility of span is also quite big, is the ideal blasting equipment, mainly suitable for all kinds of medium and large casting, forging, welding, heat treatment parts surface treatment, including fragile and irregular shape of the workpiece.

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

3. Trolley shot blasting machine

The pallet type shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for the mass production of small and medium-sized workpiece surface cleaning, this specification of equipment is suitable for engine connecting rod, gear, diaphragm spring, etc., widely used in casting and automobile manufacturing industry, with high production efficiency, good sealing effect, compact structure, convenient loading and unloading parts high technical content characteristics.

4. Inner and outer wall shot blasting machine of steel tube

Shot peening technology is used to clean the cylinder wall is a new kind of network wall shot blast cleaning machine, it is mainly using compressed air as the power, will have a certain kinetic energy projectile speed, spray the cylinder wall, when the cylinder located in gun chamber, the spray gun will be automatically into their own bottles and spray gun to move up and down inside the cavity, complete the bottle wall jet cleaning in all directions, is choose type cylinder industry.

5. Road shot blasting machine

Is the use of motor driven shot blasting machine and wind wheel produced in the process of high speed rotating centrifugal force, a certain granularity of projectile into pill tube (can control the flow of the projectile) are accelerated to high speed turning points in round pill, under the centrifugal force to make, the projectile by thrown into the directional set points pills round window, through the directional window (control pill throw direction) of the throw, picked up, by high-speed rotating blade and along the length direction of blade continuously accelerated motion to throw, throw rock formed certain fan type beam, plane to play the role of a blasting impact work.Then the projectile, along with dust and impurities, passes through the rebound chamber to the top of the hopper.The automatic backblow dust collector can clean each filter element at an automatic interval through the backblow air provided by the compressor.Finally, the pellet material and the impurities will be recovered through the air flow cleaning of the matching vacuum cleaner inside the machine, and the pellet material can be reused.The shot blasting machine is equipped with dust collector, which can be used in dust-free and pollution-free construction, thus improving the efficiency and protecting the environment.

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