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Which Industries Are Shot Blasting Cleaning Machines Used in?

Mar. 12, 2020

The shot blasting machine has been widely used in China, but there are still many emerging companies and students who do not know the industry application of the shot blasting machine. Here, the industrial blasting machine manufacturer collects some information for everyone. Hope to help everyone understand the industry application of shot blasting machine.

1. Forging industry: Forgings produced by ordinary forging enterprises need to be polished, and shot blasting cleaning machinery is a professional machine used in this area. He uses different models according to different workpieces, and does not damage the original shape and function of the forged part.

2. Mold industry: Generally speaking, the mold is mostly forged, and the mold itself requires smooth. The shot blasting machine can be polished according to different requirements without damaging the original shape and function of the mold.

3. Steel plant: The steel and steel plates produced by steel mills have a lot of burrs when they are just out of the furnace, which will affect the quality and sale of the steel. These problems can be solved by using the pass-through shot blasting machine, so that these problems can be solved easily;

4. Shipyard: The steel plates used in shipyards have rust, which will affect the quality of shipbuilding. It is impossible to use artificial removal of embroidery, so the workload will be large, which requires a machine to remove rust to ensure the quality of shipbuilding. Formula can be solved;

5.Automobile factory: According to the work requirements of the automobile factory, the used steel plates and some forged parts need to be polished, but the strength of the steel plates and the original appearance must not be damaged. The appearance of the forged parts must be clean and beautiful. . Because automotive parts are not very regular, different polishing machines are required to complete them. The shot blasting machines that need to be used are: drum type, rotary table type, crawler type, pass type shot blasting cleaning machine, different machines handle different workpieces;

6. Hardware factory and electroplating factory: Because the hardware factory and electroplating factory both require the workpiece surface to be clean, flat and smooth, the shot blasting machine can solve these problems. Hardware factory workpieces are relatively small, suitable for use are drum-type shot blasting machine and track-type shot blasting machine, depending on the situation. In the electroplating factory, if the workpiece to be cleaned is small and the amount is large, a crawler shot blasting machine can be used to complete the embroidery and polishing of the workpiece;

7.Motor parts factory: Because the workpiece of motorcycle accessories is small, it is suitable to use the drum type shot blasting machine. If the amount is large, the hook type or the crawler type can be used.

8. Valve factory: Because the workpieces of the valve factory are forged, they need to be polished to be clean, smooth and flat. This requires shot blasting machinery to clean up these impurities. Available machinery: rotary table, hook type shot blasting machine.

9.Bearing factory: The bearing is pressed by the mold, the surface is smooth, but sometimes there are still some impurities or burrs, which also need to be cleaned, then the shot blasting cleaning machine comes in handy.

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

10.Steel structure construction enterprises: Before use, steel structures must be derusted to meet the structural requirements set by the country.The automatic blast cleaning machine is used for cleaning, which eliminates the need for manual rust removal and reduces the pickling environment. Pollution issues.

Shot blasting is a shot blasting surface treatment method that has begun to be applied in developed countries in Europe and the United States. The world's first shot blasting equipment was born 100 years ago. It began to be used in the removal of impurities, scale, and coarseness on various metal or non-metal surfaces. After a century of development, the shot blasting process and equipment have been commensurately mature, and its applications are no longer limited to factories in various heavy industries. Following the birth of the world's first horizontal mobile shot blasting equipment in the United States BLASTRAC, its application field has rapidly expanded to concrete surface coating treatment and ship deck metal surface treatment, and has directly guided the industry's standard formulation. And industry construction methods. Due to the improvement of shot blasting equipment and technical maturity, road shot blasting machines have entered the fields of highway maintenance, bridge construction and airport maintenance in developed countries in Europe and the United States.


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