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What Do You Need to Pay Attention to When the Shot Blasting Machine Starts?

Mar. 30, 2020

With the use of shot blasting longer, the cleaning of the shot blasting machine is not only used for the surface cleaning of castings but also widely used on the surface of steel structural steel plates to remove rust and weld slag. As well as the increase in cleaning costs, every year many workpieces that were originally cleaned by other methods are transferred to the shot blasting machine for processing, which makes the application range of shot blasting technology continue to expand. Then China steel pipe shot blasting machine is started What do I need to pay attention to when starting up?

Large machines like shot blasting machines require special attention before use, i.e. before they are switched on.

1. Check the "handover record".

2. Check the wear of fragile parts such as guards, rubber curtains, rollers before running, and replace them in time.

3. Check the cooperation of various moving parts, whether the bolt connection is loose, and tighten it in time.

4. Check whether any debris has fallen into the machine and remove it in time to prevent equipment failure due to blockage of various transport links.

5. Check whether the lubrication of each part meets the requirements.

6. Before starting the machine, make sure that there are no people in the room and the access door is closed and reliable, then you can prepare to start. Send a signal before starting the machine to make people near the machine leave.

7. To operate correctly according to the operating procedures.

Hook Shot Blasting Machine

 Hook Shot Blasting Machine

With the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, shot blasting machines have also brought great progress, and many new products have been born, such as road shot blasting machines, steel shot blasting machines, steel shot blasting machines, etc., with the further development of the application industry The types of shot blasting machines have also changed and more subdivided equipment has appeared: special equipment such as automobile wheel shot blasting machines, steel tube internal shot blasting machines, hook shot blasting machines, and other specialized equipment.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a shot blasting machine cleaning machine? Hot sale shot blasting machine supplier introduces you:

The main factors that determine the quality of the shot blasting machine are:

a, shot blasting machine, whether the protective plate of the shot blasting machine wear-resistant.

b. Whether the dust removal structure of the shot blasting machine is reasonable.

C. The overall selection of equipment, transmission parts, manufacturing conditions, etc.

d. Is the factory capable of long-term production, sufficient technical force to provide after-sales service, and whether it can supply spare parts for a long time?

1.Selection of shot blasting machine model

First, choose the working method of the shot blasting machine: rotary shot blasting machine, crawler shot blasting machine, hook shot blasting machine (also divided into a single hook shot blasting machine, double hook shot blasting machine), rotary shot blasting Machine, through type shot blasting machine, hanging type shot blasting machine. After the working method of the shot blasting machine is selected, it can be based on the product material, work requirements (burrs or descaling, beautification of parts, whether fear of collision), the variety of parts (maximum part size and single-piece weight, minimum part size and single piece) Weight, main product size and weight) to purchase shot blasting machines.

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