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Production Technology of Mobile Shot Blasting Machine

May. 18, 2020

No matter what kind of machine, it depends on the manufacturer. Good production technology and high-quality accessories still have a great influence on the later use of the machine, so every part of the machine and even the production steps must go through strict Review, then today Shot blasting machine manufacturer takes you to understand the process of road shot blasting machine!

Road shot blasting machine is an environmentally friendly product specially developed for various road construction and maintenance. It can be dust-free and pollution-free during the construction operation, and the pellets can be automatically recycled. The equipment can be used for: anti-corrosion coating treatment of steel bridge deck; waterproof and roughening of concrete bridge deck, cleaning and roughening of asphalt pavement to increase surface roughness; restoration of anti-slip performance of pavement, tunnel and bridge; Clean up, mark line cleanup Airport road glue and line removal.

The key components are imported components (SKF bearing, DELTA inverter, German belt); the relevant parts of the shot blasting room are imported wear-resistant materials to ensure the service life of the shot blasting room; Precision casting, life expectancy can reach 20000㎡ (Note: cement concrete pavement).

The pavement shot blasting machine welding shell, shot blasting wheel, top cover, impeller, feed tube, directional sleeve, main shaft, etc. are the main components of the shot blasting machine. The shot blasting wheel is fixed on the main shaft and rotates together with the impeller, the directional sleeve It is fixed on the shield body by the orientation sleeve. If the directional sleeve is rotated, the ejection direction of the projectile can be changed, and the angle of the window of the directional sleeve affects the radial scattering angle of the projectile to a certain extent. In general, according to the different transmission methods, the motor direct connection type is a more common one. The blasting motor connected with this method for operation is suitable for occasions with small installation space. Another type of belt-driven shot blaster motor is connected to the shot blaster through a V-belt. The diameter of the pulley is small, thereby achieving speed-increasing transmission.

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Hot sale shot blasting machine supplier reminds you that in fact, when we really choose our products, we should still tell the manufacturer and tell the merchants their own needs, because we use in different aspects, in fact The type of machine selected is still different. Only by choosing the relative product can the work efficiency behind us be well guaranteed!

As the projectiles will wear and break during use, a certain number of new projectiles should be added regularly, especially when the quality of the cleaned parts cannot be reached. Too little projectiles may be an important reason.

When installing the blades of the shot blaster, it should be noted that the weight difference of a group of 8 blades should not be greater than 5 grams. When replacing the blades, 8 blades should be replaced at the same time, and frequently check the wear of the blades, the pill wheel and the orientation sleeve for timely replacement.

If you want to know more about road shot blasting machine, you can browse our website first, if you have any demand for our products, please feel free to contact us.

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