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The Strategic Road of Road Shot Blasting Machine Industry Development

Mar. 09, 2020

With the periodical downturn in the market, industrial blasting machine manufacturers have transformed the market and stopped fighting the "vicious circle" price war. Occupy your product more in the market, then the vain propaganda and "small and cheap" price competition will not have any use at all or will be more useful in the short term, but as a long-term consideration, there are only one hundred harms and no one. Products, truly set up to consider customers and meet the requirements of end customers, in order to obtain better quality, so those who win the hearts of customers, then the world's road shot blasting machine.

Technology upgrade, product innovation

Major engineering companies have launched new products one after another, and these new products are upgraded from the original pavement shot blasting machine technology, and have attracted the attention of customers and the media with features different from ordinary machinery. In the afternoon of September 28, the self-developed 80-meter carbon fiber boom pump truck was successfully stood in the demonstration area and performed live on the show.It adopted the latest European technology from CIFA and was considered as a new world record. The off-line production has attracted the attention of industry professionals at home and abroad, the media and customers. Industry analysis and rapid reporting have made this pump car all the rage, not only achieving the purpose of focusing on Zoomlion, but also improving the brand effect of the company. Let the insiders firmly believe that the future development of the company is inestimable.

Develop new markets

Since the acquisition of Putzmeister in the beginning of the year, a rush to buy has also been a delay in the industry.The impact of Sany's overseas acquisition has greatly affected Chinese companies to develop a Chinese-specific habit of following the trend. However, the follow-up of overseas mergers and acquisitions is not random.The reason why Sany Heavy Industry can drive the entire industry's follow-up is that this acquisition made more companies aware of the European debt crisis. The best way to upgrade the market and product technology. In addition, you can also make your own brand overseas. Although the acquisition is not easy, it is easy to start a business and difficult to maintain business, but the future development of the enterprise and the entire industry is considerable.

Serving customers, caring

Recently, the service of enterprises has become an unstoppable trend. Zoomlion launched the first "Blue Care" service brand in the industry, taking the lead in upgrading equipment services from "passive maintenance" to "active care" and providing customers with sales Pre-sale, after-sale and after-sale-stop overall service solutions. The service of road shot blasting machines has also approached the hearts of customers and traveled throughout the country. Nowadays, manufacturing companies have incorporated service into the important strategy of enterprise development, and "service" as a theme, all companies have adopted the company's service philosophy Communicate to the north and south, get the recognition in the industry and the trust of customers. This active attack is far more ideal than passively waiting for a complaint.

The road shot blasting machine has experienced a downturn. This year, major companies have adjusted their strategic thinking. These new corporate strategies are not intended to ease the pressure of the downturn in the market, but to find a way forward in the future.

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Road Shot Blasting Machine

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