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Road Shot Blasting Machine Use Recommendations

Feb. 17, 2020

Hot sale shot blasting machine supplier to share with you: the road shot blasting machine can clear the surface of concrete, impurities, and the surface of the concrete can be roughened to make the surface uniform Roughness greatly improves the adhesive strength of the waterproof layer and the concrete base layer, so that the waterproof layer and the bridge deck can be better combined, and at the same time, the cracks in the concrete can be fully exposed, which can prevent problems before they occur.

About the scope of use of road shot blasting machine:

1. It can clean up the asphalt pavement, improve the friction and reduce the slipping accidents of the vehicle while roughening the asphalt pavement;

2. You can change the marking lines on the road, remove the old marking lines and draw new marking lines;

3. The tire marks on the airport surface can be removed, which will be very neat and beautiful after cleaning;

4. The inner surface of the ship and the surface of the steel plate can also be descaled, rusted and roughened to meet the pre-treatment requirements of anti-corrosion coating or heavy anti-corrosion coating;


Road Shot Blasting Machine

5. Floor shot blasting machine can also be used for tunnel maintenance. The equipment is small and environmentally friendly.

6, is a better pavement cleaning tool, not affected by the weather when using;

7. Shot blasting before non-solidified waterproof construction can solve the problems of hard hollow, sand, cracks, looseness, ash-off, uneven unevenness of the waterproof base.

Qingdao MSL International Trade Co., Ltd. pecializes in the development and production of shot blasting machines with the highest cost performance. In order to use the road shot blasting machine more efficiently and with more quality and quantity, our company recommends the following in some small details:

The first is to pay attention to waterproofing, because the road shot blasting machine uses the mechanical principle, and the main driving force of this principle is some electrical equipment. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to waterproofing in rainy days.

The second is to pay attention to lubrication. In order to make the equipment use more smoothly, it is recommended to apply lubricating oil to the mechanical connection of the equipment and the motor and other places at intervals;

Third, pay attention to maintenance. Any product needs to be maintained. Just like a car, regular inspection and maintenance are required. Pavement shot blasting machines are no exception. Regular maintenance of road shot blasting machines can make the life of road shot blasting machines longer. extend;

Fourth, it is appropriate to pay attention to the fact that because of the large amount of road surface engineering, many companies work on a 24-hour shift, which causes the machine to run continuously. It is recommended that the equipment be stopped properly during amateur work.


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