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Safety Operation Rules of Shot Blasting Machine

May. 25, 2020

Hot sale shot blasting machine supplier introduces you to the safe operation rules of shot blasting machine.

1. To operate shot blasting cleaning machine, an operation certificate is required.

2. The equipment should be used and managed by dedicated personnel, and may not be operated without the approval of the person in charge of the workshop.

3. The operator should read the instructions carefully before using, and be familiar with the performance and working principle of the equipment.

4. Preparations before starting:

The operator should wear protective equipment according to the standard; tighten the sandblasting alloy gun head, and it is strictly forbidden to loosen; the minimum bending radius of the sandblasting hose must not be less than 1.51 felt, and there must be no twisting or bending; the inlet valve of the sand tank, pressure gauge, emergency The air release valve and the sand discharge valve should be intact, and the rotation should be flexible. The rubber gasket has good sealing performance; the sand used for sand blasting should be dry sand and sieved with a sieve. The unsifted sand and wet sand should not be directly placed in the tank; the air compressor lubricant should be on the two scales The air filter should be kept clean in the upper and middle parts of the line; the bolts of each connection part of the machine should be tightly tightened, the safety protection device should be safe and effective, the lead seal of the safety valve should be intact and the instrument should be clean and not damaged; each exhaust pipe The valve should be flexible to open and close, and open the air storage tank vent valve; the fan belt should be properly tight, and the fan blades must not be turned during operation.

5. Matters needing attention after normal operation of the machine:

Pay close attention to the readings of various instruments on the instrument panel. When the air compressor is running at full load, the indicated values of the instruments shall not exceed the rated values on the manual, otherwise stop and check; the pressure of the sand tank shall not exceed 0.65Mpa, such as If it exceeds, stop and check; at any time, pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal, and pay attention to whether the bolts at the connection of the machine are loose. If the above phenomenon occurs, stop and overhaul immediately to find out the reason; when the pressure of the gas storage tank has reached the specified value, the safety valve and load regulator should be flexible; there should be no oil leakage or gas leakage at each connection part; Pay attention to whether the high-pressure hose is worn, and if it leaks and the aging of the skin is serious, it should be replaced immediately; under the working condition, it is strictly forbidden to press heavy objects and vehicles to crush; during the work process, if the hose is clogged, immediately Open the exhaust valve of the sand tank and the exhaust valve of the gas tank, and shut down; after the machine is started, all connecting fasteners on the machine must not be tightened or loosened, and it is not allowed to wipe and touch the moving parts with the hand; it must not be placed on the machine Tools and other objects; tanks and safety valves should be regularly inspected, and untested devices should not be used.

6. Matters needing attention when parking:

Check the technical status of the equipment to ensure it is good; first stop the motor, then open the air tank exhaust valve and sand tank exhaust valve; open the drain valve of the cooler to release condensate; unscrew the drain bolt under the air tank , Exclude stolen goods; tighten all loose bolts and nuts, and do a good job of cleaning the machine; make a complete record of the entire process of equipment operation.

  Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine

 Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine

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