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Different Applications of Shot Blasting Machine and Sand Blasting Machine

Jan. 20, 2020

Shot blasting machine is a kind of machinery related machine, generally it is the surface treatment of the workpiece, similar to sand blasting and shot blasting machines. Shot blasting machine manufacturer mainly to tell you what is the difference between shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine.

Let's take a look at shot blasting machines first. There are many types of China steel pipe shot blasting machines, such as through shot blasting machines, suspension shot blasting machines, crawler shot blasting machines, and drum type shot blasting machines. Shot blasting machine, rotary shot blasting machine, wire shot blasting machine, etc. The shot blasting principle of the shot blasting machine is to make the motor start the impeller and make it rotate. Then the shot is thrown at the workpiece. And grinding, make the workpiece more beautiful, and then increase the life of the workpiece. Basically most of the fields related to machinery are used.

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine shoots the balls from a long distance to the surface of the workpiece. This type of shot process is shot blasting. Shot blasting to parts containing residues to remove shot blasting of cores and cores; shot blasting to casting, forging, welding and heat treatment process parts to remove skin, nodules, oxidized films, rust And other surface layers are removed; shot blasting is performed on the surface of steel and various shapes to perform shot peening data preprocessing; for components such as elastic yellow, leaf springs, and transmission gears that undergo variable pressure, remove pressure and increase surface fatigue limits Shot peening; carry out shot peening on the parts of electrical product design or kitchen utensils. However, in terms of process types, shot peening is limited to only one type of removal process for the purpose of removing casting, forging, welding, and heat treatment process parts. Shot peening for this introduction is in this category. For those who use shot blasting to reach the surface of parts to achieve the relevant process purpose, they are renamed at the same time as the process requirements, such as shot blasting, shot peening, shot peening, etc., in order to be different from shot peening .

When the shot peening is performed on the component, the component that can continuously change the surface to be cleared in the shot stream to achieve uniform distribution of shot blasting equipment is called shot peening equipment or shot peening equipment. Due to the variety of parts to be cleaned, shot blasting equipment also has various styles. A certain type of shot blasting equipment is only suitable for removing parts within the corresponding range. Professional equipment is suitable for a certain type of component.

The sand blasting process of the sand blasting machine is a form of removing the surface layer of the components by quickly blowing out quartz sand using air compression. The processing plant is also called sand blowing, which not only removes rust, but also can be stripped to remove oil, which is very effective for the coating process. It is suitable for anti-rust treatment of the surface of components. For the decoration of the surface of components, the use of high-strength bolts in steel frame structures is a relatively excellent form, because high-strength connections use sliding friction in the middle of the fusion surface to transmit force. Therefore, the quality of the fusion surface layer is very high. At this time, sandblasting must be used to solve the fusion surface layer. Sand blasting is divided into dry blasting and wet blasting.

There are two types of dry blasting treatment: mechanical equipment blasting treatment and gas pressure blasting treatment, each of which is divided into a variety of manual, non-automatic or continuous automatic blasting. The common application in China is manual gas blasting. Sand machine, it also needs a variety of complex and medium-sized components.

Wet blasting commonly used wear-resistant materials and dry blasting can also mix the abrasion-resistant materials with water to form cement mortar. Abrasion-resistant materials usually account for 22% to 37%. They are constantly stirred to avoid sinking. The spray head sprays on the component, and sand and water can be embedded in the tank separately, and then sprayed on the component after mixing well before flowing into the spray head. In order to avoid corrosion of steel components, corrosion inhibitors such as sodium nitrite must be added in water. The next application of stone should be carried out in advance. There are many types of machines and equipment for wet automatic sand blasting machines. The most suitable is to collide with  remove most of the sand on the surface before blasting or blasting.

Both shot blasting and sand blasting can clean and decontaminate the workpiece. The purpose is to prepare for the next order, that is, to ensure the roughness requirements of the next process, and some to the consistency of the surface. shot blasting machine has a strengthening effect on the workpiece, and sand blasting is not obvious. Generally, shot blasting is small steel balls, and sand blasting is quartz sand. According to different requirements, the number of subheads. Sandblasting and shot blasting are used almost every day in precision casting.

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