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Which Shot Blasting Machine is Better for Shot Blasting and Rust Strengthening of Rebar?

Feb. 06, 2020

Among metal surface treatment equipment, road shot blasting machine is the most common type of equipment. Shot blasting machine can strengthen the blasting and rust removal of steel. Different shot blasting machine can strengthen the blasting and rust removal. The effects are all different. When encountering different steels, the types of shot blasting machines used are different, because the properties of different steels are different, so it is especially critical to choose a suitable shot blasting machine.

The most common shot blasting machines on the market are: through shot blasting machines, suspension shot blasting machines, track shot blasting machines, rotary shot blasting machines, wire shot blasting machines. So, if we want to blast and derust the rebar, which of the above shot blasting machines should we use?

Hot sale shot blasting machine supplier analyzes the processed materials. The processed material is rebar. What is rebar? Another name for rebar is also ribbed steel, because he usually has The horizontal ribs and vertical ribs are evenly distributed. The rebar produced by the small rolling mill is suitable for various buildings, and it goes without saying that the steel bars have square and round cross sections. Ribbed steel bars are one of them.

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

Knowing the characteristics of rebar, then it is necessary to consider which type of steel pipe shot blasting machine can be used for the best shot blasting and rust removal. Summarized the characteristics of various shot blasting machines, and found that pass-through shot blasting machines are the most suitable for shot blasting machines. Why do you say that?

Because the characteristics of the pass-through shot blasting machine can be well matched with the rebar, the scope of the pass-through shot blasting machine is the kind of product with large production volume, high requirements and relatively single structure. The pass-through shot blasting machine can Effectively remove the oxides, residues and rust on the surface of this product. After blasting and rusting it, it will restore a smooth surface, which is convenient for painting and decoration on its surface. General pass-through shot blasting machines are divided into two types: cleaning device and non-cleaning device. There are cleaning devices for large-scale flat products, and the use of non-cleaning devices is more extensive, as long as it is within the width and height range Products are applicable.

Knowing the reason for processing rebar through a shot blasting machine, let's look at the working principle of processing rebar through a shot blasting machine:

The rebar enters the interior shot area of the pass-through shot blasting machine, so that its surface continuously receives the friction and blow of the high-speed projectile, so that foreign objects fall quickly and the original color of the metal is restored. During cleaning, the dropped mixture is conveyed to the lower part of the elevator through the funnel, and then lifted into the separator by the elevator, and the pellets are separated and recycled.

After understanding its working principle, let's talk about its advantages. Through the shot blasting machine, the ability of continuous operation of the equipment is increased. The equipment has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and convenience. The oxide, rust and oil scale on the surface of the rebar are cleared, so that the rebar can get better cleaning results, meanwhile, it also eliminates the harm to the human body and avoids environmental pollution. Therefore, it is better to use a through-type shot blasting machine to process the rebar.

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