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Application of Shot Blasting Machine in Waterproofing Engineering

Jun. 01, 2020

Shot blasting refers to blasting the pellets (steel pellets or sand) at a high speed and a certain angle onto the working surface through a mechanical method, allowing the pellets to impact the working surface, and then passing the airflow through the matching vacuum cleaner inside the machine The technology of cleaning, recovering the pellets and cleaned impurities separately, and making the pellets reusable.

During the construction process, the Shot Blasting Machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can achieve dust-free and pollution-free construction, which improves efficiency and protects the environment. The shot blasting machine can be divided into three types according to its walking mode: hand-push type, vehicle-mounted type and self-propelled type.

During the shot blasting operation, by controlling and selecting the particle size and shape of the pellets, as well as adjusting and setting the walking speed of the machine, the shot flow of the pellets is controlled to obtain different projectile strengths and different surface treatment effects.

Such a base surface is more conducive to bonding, the surface treatment effect can be controlled, it can be smoother, or it can be thrown slightly rougher. If the machine does not move, you can even throw a big pit.

So why does the waterproof base surface need to be shot blasted? What are the benefits?

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

The structure is most afraid of water leakage, because the water leakage will cause the concrete to loosen and fall off, and the steel bar will be corroded. One of the reasons for the water leakage is that the treatment of the concrete surface layer cannot completely remove the residual substances on the surface, and does not retain a certain rough surface to ensure Bonding strength of waterproof layer and structural layer. The shot blasting process can clean up the floating slurry and impurities on the concrete surface at the same time, and at the same time, the concrete surface is roughened to make the surface uniform and rough, which greatly improves the bonding strength of the waterproof layer and the concrete base layer. And in this process, the concrete cracks and other diseases can be fully exposed, so that remedial measures can be taken in advance. Therefore, when pushing the system, under conditions, the shot blasting treatment is used to better ensure the waterproof effect. The details that need to be paid attention to in the shot blasting construction are: the unevenness of the structural board is more serious, and the thicker pad should be polished or thick Polymer mortar, mortar strength must meet the requirements. Drain holes, pipelines, yin and yang angles and other areas that cannot be cleaned by the shot blasting machine should be cleaned and smoothed with an angle grinder, and care should be taken not to produce grinding marks.

If construction is carried out on a large area, the efficiency of shot blasting is very high. Concrete residue, pimples, oil stains, pollution, etc. on the construction base surface delivered by the general contractor are manually cleaned, which is very labor-intensive and unclean. Then the problem can be solved quickly and the efficiency is high.

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