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Shot blasting machine model classification

Nov. 18, 2019

The shot blasting machine is divided into drum type, chain plate type, rotary table, trolley type, squirrel cage type and hanging type shot blasting machine according to the structure of the casting carrier.

The drum type and chain plate shot blasting machine are suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized castings that are not afraid of collision. The drum type shot blasting machine has a spiral guide rib in the cylinder body to make the casting piece reverse and run forward. The chain plate shot blasting machine flips and runs the casting through the movement of the chain plate. Rotary, trolley and hanging shot blasting machines are used to clean large and medium-sized castings, usually with a fixed blasting chamber, and the cleaned castings are swiveled or moved inside the blasting chamber. The blasting chamber is usually equipped with several blasting machines, which are installed in different positions to project the projectiles from different directions to improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality of the shot blasting machine. The hanging type shot blasting machine can arrange several hooks on the catenary according to the needs of the cleaned castings. When cleaning, the castings are hung on the hooks and flipped forward while running forward. The castings are loaded and unloaded outside the shot blasting chamber and cleaned indoors.

According to the work system, it can be divided into intermittent and continuous shot blasting machines.

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

Roller type

The drum type shot blasting machine mainly uses the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the projectile onto the workpiece continuously inverted in the drum, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning the workpiece, and belongs to the scope of the casting machine. It is suitable for sand cleaning, descaling, descaling and surface strengthening of castings and forgings under 15 kg in various industries. The drum type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of castings and forgings that are not afraid of collision and scratching. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is an ideal equipment for cleaning the residual sand and scale of the surface of the workpiece in a small heat treatment workshop, mainly including rollers, separators, shot blasting machines, lifting machines, Deceleration motor and other components.


The crawler type shot blasting machine is suitable for various types of rusting or shot peening of workpieces produced in large and medium batches. The workpieces must be cast and heat treated without weighing more than 150kg. The machine can be used in stand-alone mode. Wiring use. Belongs to the scope of casting machinery. Automatic: Put the workpiece into the rubber track roller, the operator presses the "Run" button, the blasting chamber door is pneumatically closed, the shot blasting starts, the crawler moves forward, the workpiece is continuously tumbling, and the high-efficiency powerful blasting machine will throw The pellet is ejected at high speed onto the surface of the workpiece being tumbling, and the workpiece is completely evenly cleaned.


As a standard model of shot blasting machine, the hook type shot blasting machine has a working cylinder diameter of 900 to 1300 mm and a height of 1300 to 2200 mm. The standard model has 2-7 throwing heads and the maximum load capacity is up to 10,000 kg, this shot blasting machine has a very high production efficiency and a large flexibility span. It is an ideal cleaning and strengthening device, and it is easy to operate. It only needs to load the workpiece to be processed on the machine, press the start button, and pass a very Short time (usually 5-7 minutes), the entire cleaning process is completed, all dust and residual pellets are removed, which is mainly suitable for surface treatment of various medium and large castings, forgings, weldments and heat-treated parts, including Fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces.

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