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What Is the Effect of the Ground Shot Blasting Machine?

Apr. 14, 2020

Road shot blasting machine is the use of motor-driven shot blasting and wind wheel produced in the process of high speed rotating centrifugal force, A certain granularity of projectile into pill tube can control the flow of the projectile) was accelerated to high-speed turning points in round pill, under the action of centrifugal force, the projectile by shot blasting wheel thrown into the window to set, through the directional set window (control pill throw direction) of the throw, picked up, by high-speed rotating blade and along the length direction of the blade continuously accelerated motion to throw, throw the pellets formed certain type fan beam, hit the ground. The oil, to achieve the effect of ground oil removal. The projectile then passes through the rebound chamber with dust and impurities to the top of the hopper.

The high-power dust collector separates the pellet and dust through the separation device above the hopper, the pellet enters the hopper for continuous circulation, and the dust enters the dust collector through the connecting pipe. When dust enters the dust collector, it stays on the surface of the ash storage hopper and filters element through the separation of the filter element. The automatic backflow dust collector can clean each filter element automatically through the back blow air provided by the compressor. Finally in the machine through the supporting vacuum cleaner air cleaning, the pellet and clean down the impurities are recovered, and can be used again. The shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can be used in dust-free and pollution-free construction, thus improving efficiency and protecting the environment.

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Precautions for use of road surface shot blasting machine:

1. Construction personnel should wear long-sleeved trousers and goggles when operating the shot blasting machine, and wear a gas mask when removing the toxic covering.

2. When the road surface shot blasting machine is working, non-operators shall not approach the operation area.

3. Before each use of the machine, you must carefully check whether the equipment is in good condition to ensure that the joints are well sealed, the fastening bolts of the connecting parts are reliable, and the wearing parts should be within the allowable use range, otherwise, they should be replaced.

4. When loading nine materials, check whether the specifications of the pellets meet the working requirements, especially pay attention to see if there are foreign objects mixed in the pellets to avoid damage to the shot blaster.

5. Check the height of the ejection port at the bottom of the shot blasting machine and the working cleaning surface to ensure that all sides are within 10mm (+1 mm). If it exceeds the range, it should be adjusted.

6. Clean the dust box before using the dust collector.

7. When moving or moving the shot blasting machine, the shot blasting valve must be closed and the shot wheel completely stopped rotating before being moved or moved.

8. The walking distance of the shot blasting machine is limited every time. In the starting stage of the shot blasting machine, the operator should first turn on the walking switch of the shot blasting machine, let the shot blasting machine be in the walking state first, and then open the regulating valve of the shot put material Prevent the formation of pits in the starting position.

9. Do not operate the shot blasting machine in the presence of combustible gas or insufficient pipeline environment.

10. Avoid using the equipment in rainy and humid environments to avoid unnecessary losses.

11. During the transportation and transportation of the equipment, the debris such as screws, subs, welding rod heads, etc. should not be absorbed under the shot blasting port.

12. After blasting, the remaining pellets should be recovered and cleaned up in time for reuse.

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