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How Is the Effect of the Shot Blasting Machine?

May. 11, 2020

Shot blasting machine is a lot of application in foundry industry, especially the cast steel, cast iron industry, the industry of Shot Blasting Machine is a very common production equipment, is mainly used to clean up the steel and iron surface adhering sand, scale and other impurities. Road shot blasting machine with the method of mechanical pill material at high speed and an Angle to the working surface, let pill is expected to impact the surface of the road, the road surface, the effect of the surface roughness and remove residues will produce negative pressure pill and filter material and clean up the impurities such as dust recovery after air cleaning, intact pill will automatically be recycled, and impurity and dust will drop into the dust collecting box.Crawler shot blasting machine high strength wear resistant rubber crawler or manganese steel crawler loading workpiece.It USES a high speed rotating impeller to throw the projectile onto the workpiece in the chamber to achieve the purpose of cleaning.It is suitable for sand cleaning, rust removing, oxidation removing and surface strengthening of small castings, forgings, stamping parts, gears, springs, etc. It is especially suitable for cleaning and strengthening parts that are not afraid of collision.

In the casting industry, almost all steel castings and cast iron castings must be treated by the shot blasting machine. The purpose of this is not only to clean up the impurities on the surface of the castings, but also to carry out the quality inspection after the casting production is completed, and to screen the defective products directly.

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Among the normal casting production, all of the castings produced must go through the surface cleaning, shot blasting machine so that the impurity on the surface of the casting can be cleaned up, at the same time can also check for surface defects to the casting surface, the air and adhering sand peeling phenomenon, these are all can through shot blasting machine technology and it's clear to see, through shot blasting machine technology processing, can be very convenient to directly to screen out the defective products, and no longer need to manually pick one by one.

Hot sale shot blasting machine in addition to have to clean up the surface of the casting effect, also can undertake manufacturability of processing on the surface of the casting, through Shot Blasting Machine technology processing, make the surface of the casting to want an ideal effect, and the corresponding surface quality effect, easy to casting production demand, to a large extent reduce the casting lines of labor costs, improve the production efficiency of the casting.The surface of the casting can meet the requirements through the surface treatment of the shot blasting machine.

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