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What are the differences between shot blasting machines and sand blasting machines?

Dec. 16, 2019

Shot blasting and sand blasting are both methods of surface cleaning. The two have common features and differences. The following shot blasting machine manufacturers will explain the differences between the two:

Shot blasting is the use of a high-speed rotating impeller to throw small steel shots or small iron shots to hit the surface of the part at high speed, so the oxide layer on the part surface can be removed. At the same time, the steel shot or iron shot hits the surface of the part at high speed, causing the lattice distortion of the part surface and increasing the surface hardness deal with.

Sand blasting booth is a method of cleaning the surface of parts by blowing out quartz sand at high speed using compressed air. It is also called sand blowing in the factory. It not only removes rust, but also can remove oil, which is very useful for painting. It is often used for rust removal on the surface of parts; for surface modification of small parts (small wet sand blasting machines sold in the market are used for this purpose, the sand grain is usually corundum and the medium is water); in steel structures, the use of high-strength bolts for connection is a relatively advanced Method, because the high-strength connection uses the friction between the bonding surfaces to transmit force, so the quality of the bonding surface is very high. At this time, the bonding surface must be treated by sandblasting. Sand blasting is used for complex shapes, easy to remove rust by hand, low efficiency, poor on-site environment, and uneven rust removal.

 Shot Blasting Machine

 Shot Blasting Machine

1. Both shot blasting and sand blasting are surface treatments, but it is not to say that only castings are shot blasted.

2.The main function of sand blasting is surface rust removal, scale removal, etc., such as parts after heat treatment, and the functions and functions of shot blasting are more: not only rust removal, surface oxide scale removal, but also surface roughness improvement and component removal Machining burrs, eliminating internal stress of the part, reducing deformation of the part after heat treatment, improving the surface wear resistance and pressure capacity of the part, etc.

3. There are many processes used for shot peening, such as: castings, forgings, parts after machining, parts after heat treatment, etc.

4. Sand blasting is mainly manual operation, while shot blasting is more automated and semi-automatic.

5. The steel shot and iron shot used for shot blasting machine are not actually shots in the true sense. To be precise, it is a small steel wire or a small steel rod. It only looks like a ball after using it for a period of time. To put it bluntly, it is just river sand, which is no different from that used in construction, except that the sand blasting is sieved, with less mud and particle size specifications. Of course, some industries are different. For example, in the shipbuilding industry, real steel shots are used for shot blasting, and metal ore is used for sand blasting (not river sand-quartz sand).

6. Pills and sand: Pills are generally spherical particles without angles, such as wire cut pellets; sand refers to angular sand particles, such as brown corundum, white corundum, and river sand.

7. Spraying and throwing: The spraying uses compressed air as the power to spray the sand or shot on the surface of the material to achieve the removal and certain roughness. Throwing is a method of centrifugal force generated when the shot is rotated at a high speed, which impacts the surface of the material to achieve removal and a certain degree of roughness.

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