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What are the main applications of shot blasting machines?

Dec. 23, 2019

Shot blasting machine is a casting equipment that uses high-speed shots thrown by a shot blaster to clean or strengthen the surface of a casting. The shot blasting machine can perform sand dropping, core removal and cleaning on the casting at the same time.

Shot blasting machine is mainly composed of shot blasting machine, shot blasting room, purge room, pellet circulation system, dust removal system, guide roller, support roller, protection roller, sealing curtain and sealing roller.

1. Hardware industry. The hardware industry has a wide range of components and many types. Most of the parts need to be clean, smooth and flat. So the shot blasting machine can solve this series of problems. The hardware generally uses various crawler shot blasting machines.

2. Automotive industry. Many branches of the automotive industry require rust removal and polishing. The use of shot blasting machines can achieve rust removal and polishing without affecting the shape and material strength. The type of shot blasting machine used can be determined according to the cleaned workpiece.

3. Steel industry. When the steel sheet is just out of the furnace, it will bring a part of burrs, which will affect the appearance of the steel, or the rust caused by the steel after rain for a long time, which can be cleaned by roller blasting machine. Industry blasting machine manufacturer can customize the steel shot blasting machine according to the size of the steel.

4. Bearing and mold industry. The surface requirements of the bearing and mold industry are high. The use of shot blasting machines can address various burrs and impurities. Relatively speaking, the specifications of bearings and molds are small, and manual cleaning is too difficult. Using the shot blasting machine can improve efficiency while cleaning the workpiece ,save resources.

5. Valve factory. All kinds of valves are basically castings, suitable for crawler shot blasting machines, which can clean 600-1000kg at one time.

6. Gas tray manufacturers. Various types of hook shot blasting machines can be used for cleaning the gas tray. The use of hook pass type shot blasting machines has high efficiency and good cleaning effect.

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

Main points of shot blasting machine maintenance

(1) Orientation port angle adjustment of the directional sleeve: After feeding, the prepared casting is shot blasted. According to the condition of the casting surface, slightly adjust the direction of the directional sleeve of the shot blaster so that all sides of the casting can be processed . After determining the best direction through trial production, mark it with a marker.

(2) Adjustment of the pellet separator: first check whether the adjustable shutter can be moved flexibly, and then adjust the load so that the pellets continuously flow into the separator. Check whether the pellets fall like a curtain when the material is discharged. If not, Then repeatedly adjust the shutter until the pellets fall like a curtain.

(3) The wear-resistant linings and blades of the steel plate shot blasting machine’s blasting chamber inner wall are extremely prone to wear and tear, and should be regularly inspected and replaced.

(4) The abrasion wheel should be replaced in time if it is more than 15 mm. If it is used continuously, the radial scattering angle of the projectile will increase, which will accelerate the wear of the guard plate and reduce the cleaning effect.

(5) There are deep grooves inside the directional sleeve or the directional sleeve's directional mouth is ground away about 10 mm and should be replaced.

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