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Working Principle of Shot Blasting Equipment (Part 1)

Mar. 18, 2020

1.1 Shot blasting process and working principle of shot blasting equipment

Shot blasting machine manufacturer analysis for you: Shot blasting refers to the mechanical method of projectile (steel or sand) at a high speed and a certain angle on the work surface The technology that impacts the working surface, and then cleans the inside of the machine through the airflow of the matching vacuum cleaner, recovers the pellets and the cleaned up impurities separately, and makes the pellets reusable. The shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can achieve dust-free and pollution-free construction, which improves efficiency and protects the environment. The shot blasting machine can be divided into three types according to its walking form: hand push type, vehicle type and self-propelled type.

When the shot blasting machine is operated, it controls and selects the particle size and shape of the shot, and adjusts and sets the walking speed of the machine to control the shot flow of the shot to obtain different shot intensities and obtain different surface treatment effects.

1.2 Control of Surface Shot Blasting Quality

The shot blasting process and shot blasting equipment use three parameters to control the surface condition after treatment according to the different surfaces to be treated. Choose the size and shape of the shot; the walking speed of the equipment; the flow of the shot. The above three parameters cooperate with each other to obtain different treatment effects and ensure the ideal roughness of the surface after shot blasting.

For example: using S330 steel shot, flow rate 10A, treatment of C50 concrete surface, can reach a roughness of 90; treatment of asphalt surface, can remove the oily layer, while achieving a roughness of 80; when processing steel plates, can reach the cleanliness scale of SA3.

2 Application of shot blasting equipment

2.1 Surface treatment of concrete bridge deck

European and American countries have widely used waterproof layers in concrete bridge deck paving since the 1970s, which greatly reduces the damage caused by water seepage of concrete bridges and prolongs the service life of bridges. However, with the increase of traffic volume, the insufficient bonding strength of the waterproof layer and the surface layer and the bridge deck appeared at the same time. In China, similar diseases often occur in concrete bridges, and the concrete even loosens, falls, and rebar corrosion due to water seepage. One of the reasons for the above diseases is that the shot blasting of the concrete surface layer did not completely remove the residual material on the surface, and did not leave a certain rough surface to ensure the bonding strength of the waterproof layer and the bottom layer of the bridge deck.

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

Concrete Shot Blasting Machine

The concrete shot blasting machine can clean and remove the scum and impurities on the concrete surface at the same time. The most important thing is that the surface of the concrete is shaved at the same time to make the surface rough and average, which greatly improves the waterproofing. Bonding strength of the layer and the concrete base. And in this process, the shot blasting process can fully expose concrete cracks and other diseases in order to take remedial measures in advance.

2.2 Authentic maintenance

In our country, cement concrete is generally used for the pavement of underground tunnels due to the consideration of waterproofing and material resistance to fire and oil. However, at the same time, the requirements for the anti-sliding performance of long-distance road surfaces are also higher. For the above two problems that are still difficult to solve in China, the shot blasting process is a simple and environmentally friendly treatment method with simple construction, small equipment investment, and obvious effects.

In the waterproof pavement of concrete bridge decks, shot blasting technology has become a requirement of European and American countries and is gradually being accepted in China, such as Chongqing Tongyu Tunnel, Guiyang Yingpan Slope Tunnel, Kunshi Expressway Water Purification Tunnel, etc. All shot peening processes are used to maintain the concrete pavement.


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