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Working Principle of Shot Blasting Equipment (Part 2)

Mar. 25, 2020

2.3 Maintenance of asphalt pavement

Shot blasting equipment is widely used to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of asphalt pavement, thereby improving the adhesion of the pavement and ensuring driving safety. At the same time, it can also remove the adhesion of asphalt pavement (such as fuel oil, engine oil, etc.). It is mainly used in the following areas:

(1) During the construction of asphalt concrete, the pretreatment of the road surface using the shot blasting process can ensure the cleanliness of the road surface, at the same time increase the roughness of the surface, and make the overlay layer adhere to the original road surface.

Strengthening, the durability of its structure is greatly increased; when the slurry seal layer and the resin material are used to increase the surface shot blasting treatment, the bonding strength of the resin cover and the original base layer can be greatly improved, and the quality of the slurry seal layer is improved.

(2) The road shot blasting machine can be used directly on the asphalt pavement, for example, the surface of the turning section is brushed to improve the anti-sliding performance.

(3) It can directly remove the oil on the surface of the asphalt pavement, and improve the reduction of anti-skid performance caused by oil on the asphalt.

(4) The shot blasting process can also be applied to the removal of the marking line.

In China, the impact of surface roughness on traffic has not caused widespread concern, and the number of traffic accidents caused by road slippage has been increasing every year. Shot blasting equipment can flexibly handle small areas and fully restore its anti-skid performance.

The asphalt surface treated by the shot blasting process not only cleans up various surface attachments, but also increases the roughness of the asphalt surface and improves the performance of the asphalt pavement. And equipment construction is simple and convenient, flexible and mobile.

Road Shot Blasting Machine

Road Shot Blasting Machine

2.4 Steel bridge deck anticorrosive coating

The application of shot blasting technology in the anticorrosive coating of steel bridges has been fully affirmed in China. Most bridges under construction and under construction choose to use the shot blasting process to clean and roughen the surface before applying anticorrosive primer or other spraying, such as the Yangtze River Second Bridge, Jiangyin Bridge, Junshan Bridge, Baishazhou Bridge, Shanghai Lupu Bridge, etc. Using shot blasting technology to treat the steel bridge deck can meet the cleanliness requirements of the steel plate, and can control the degree of roughness, and meet the coating requirements, and the entire process is dust-free operation, easy to move.

2.5 Municipal roads and paved roads

Various road pavements in the city can be cleaned with a shot blasting machine to remove the markings on the pavement. The intersection of heavy traffic and the road can be brushed to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of the pavement.

2.6 Preventive Maintenance of Airport Runways

Concrete and asphalt runways remove tire tracks (except rubber), remove markings, restore and increase the roughness of the airport runway surface, and improve the friction coefficient of the road.

3 summary

Hot sale shot blasting machine supplier believes that the shot blasting process has been widely used in the construction of steel bridge decks, and has also been used in some anti-skid restoration work for concrete pavements.

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