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Shot Blasting Room

Shot Blasting Room is a closed space, includes blasting system, abrasive circulatory system and rust removal system, etc. Sand blasting booths is mainly used for surface cleaning and strengthening of steel, castings, aluminum alloy parts and other parts.
Product Description

What is Shot Blasting Room?

Shot Blasting Room, also named shot blasting machine, and Blast Room System is a closed space, includes blasting system, abrasive circulatory system and rust removal system, etc. Sand blasting booths is mainly used for surface preparation and strengthening of steel, castings, aluminum alloy parts and other parts' enclosure. Plastic parts cannot be used in this device. Through the facilities can remove the complex work piece surface contamination, the oxide skin, welding slag, the waste paint and so on, causes the work piece surface to be bright and clean, simultaneously reduce the work piece internal stress, enables the work piece surface to obtain the strengthening, thus achieves enhances the work piece surface and the intrinsic quality goal.

New Design Shot Blasting Room

Blast Room System

As following is Shot blast Rooms structural character:

1. Sand blasting systems
We fully take into account the operation convenience of the workers, specifically increased the sand blasting chamber operating space, set lighting system and platform, so that workers can operate convenient, effective and comprehensive. It also guarantees the safety of the operator.

2. Bucket Elevator Equipment

The bucket elevator consists of speed reducer, upper and lower rolling barrel, transmission rubber belt, bucket elevator, enclosure and tightening device, etc.
3. Separator
This shot blasting rooms adopts advanced Model BE full shutter type separator. The separator is mainly composed of airwash area, barrel sift, conveying screw, abrasive hopper, manual abrasive controlling valve.
4. Abrasive recycling systems
This blast rooms adopts the patented shot valve produced of our company; it can accumulate a certain time in blasting, through the manual control to provide the shot ball to the blasting device.
5. Dust removal systems
This shot blast rooms Equipment adopts Cartridge type dust collector or bag type dust collector, is exhausted air produced during working. The dedusting efficiency is up to 99.6%, powder density is less than 100mg/m3,much stricter than the national standard. With this shot blast Equipment, product dust can be effectively removed.

6. Electric control systems
Set shot ball circulatory failure alarm function, if any parts of the systems fails, the above components automatically stop running, to prevent the shot ball stuck and burning power device.

Why do you choose the MSL Shot Blast Rooms?

The MSL shot blast rooms features are as following:

1Improve the corrosion resisting ability of machinery products and metal materials.
2Improve bonding strength of steel surfaces and coatings.
3Increase the anti-fatigue capability of metal products and extend its life.
4Optimize the craftwork state of steel surface.
5Greatly enhance the efficiency of cleaning.
6Reduce the labor intensity of cleaning works.
7Reduce the environment pollution.

You can tell me your working required, we provide you with customized automatic blast room system. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory.

What's the Shot Blasting Room Process?

 The blasting room system detail composition is as following:

1Blasting chamber
2Abrasive storage hopper
3Blasting assembly
4Bucket elevator
5Screw conveyor
7Roller conveyor
9Abrasive recycling system
10Lighting system
11Dust Collector
12Steel grating
13Trolley system
14Electric control system

Automatic Sand Blasting Room

Shot Blasting Rooms System

MSL's services and other advantages

1.Reply your inquiry in 24 hours.

2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions in time.

3.Customized design is available.

4.Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our professional engineers and staff.

5.Special discount and protection of sales are provided to our distributor.

6.We are professional factory of shot blasting rooms. Have a professional design team with more than 10 years design experience engineers, competitive with good quality.

7.As a seller, we always use superior raw material, advanced machines, skilled technicians to ensure our products to be finished in high quality and stable feature.

8.Prompt delivery, site installation and commissioning.

We can customize blast rooms systems for you according to your part size. If you need, please contact us.

According to your requirements, the most suitable Blast Room System will be designed for your workpieces, We need the following details:
1. What kind of workpiece you need to handling and clean?
2. The workpiece size, length, width, height and weight of maximum workpiece.
3. What's your production capacity per day (8 hours)?
4. It's my pleasure if you can provide details workpiece photos to us.
Based on these details information, the detailed technical proposals will be sent to you for reference. 

We are the leader in this mechanical industry and we guarantee the quality of every blasting rooms equipment. We will try our best to meet your requirements, welcome new and old customers to visit our factory.

You can tell me your working required, MSL will provide you with customized automatic shot blast rooms. Within the allowable range we will give you the lowest quotation.

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