• Tumble Belt sand shot blasting equipment
  • Tumble Belt sand shot blasting equipment
  • Tumble Belt sand shot blasting equipment

Tumble Belt sand shot blasting equipment

The Q32 Series machine is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of medium or samll size castings, forge pieces and variety of hardware. It for different production capacity, the machine can be used not only as a single machine, but also as a part of sanitaryware, door harware, household appliances, auto parts production line.
Product Description

Q32 Series Tumble Belt Type sand shot blasting equipment

Shot blasting is a method used to clean, strengthen (peen), or polish metal. Shot blasting is used in almost every industry that uses metal, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and many others. There are two technologies used: wheel blasting or air blasting. 

Shot Blasting Equipment Applications

The applications of shot blast equipment are also relatively wide, in which the foundry is used most. A complete shot blasting equipment is composed of many parts, including shot blaster, wear-resistant rubber ring belt, auger, lifting, separator, feed conveying, dust collector. The use of shot blasting equipment is also relatively large. We all know that there are some sticky sand and rust layers on the surface of many metal castings. The equipment goes to completion. There are also burrs on the surface of some stamped parts, which are also polished by shot blasting equipment.


Using shot blasting equipment, it can also perform surface treatment on some forged parts and heat-treated workpieces to remove the oxide scale on the surface and complete the surface grain refinement. Many people think that the shot blasting machines can only be used for surface cleaning and polishing. The application range must not be too wide, and most of the factories may not use the shot blasting equipment. In fact, shot blasting equipment is very popular machinery in foundries, heat treatment plants, electrical machinery plants, and machine tool parts plants.


This shot blasting equipment is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of medium or samll size castings,forge pieces and variety of hardware. It for different manufacturability capacity, this shot blasting machines can be used not only as a single machine, nut also as a part of a line.

This shot blasting machine match with continuous conveyor compose cleaning production-line,

It is a ideal blasting equipment for medium and large size cleaning workshop. Crawler belt blasting machine has advantages of advanced design,rational construction, low power.

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Parts which have been shot blasted

Shot Blasting Machine Feature:

1、This shot blasting equipment adopted the double plate impeller head, characterized as brief structure, easy to change impeller and high shot blast efficiency.
2、Efficient separator of shot from sand, high separating quality and productivity, long impeller lifetime.
3、The bag dust filter can greatly reduce air pollution and improve the work environment, complying with state emission standard.
4、Abrasion resistant rubber tumble belt, reducing noise and collision of work pieces.
5、Automatic discharging of materials after cleaning of work pieces, low labor cost.
6、Include Cleaning room, Conveyor roller, Separator,hoist,blasting , Purgeand Cleaning System.

Shot Blasting Equipment

shot blasting equipment Technical parameter:

StyleQ324Q326Q328Q3210Q3210 Automatic
Productivity (t/h)0.3-0.60.6-1.21.2-2.02.0-2.82.0-2.8
Max workpiece weight (kg)510152525
End plate diameter (mm)40060080010001000
Effective volume (m3)
Blast quantity (kg/min)40150220220250
Air quantity (m3/h)20002200260035003500
Total power (kw)613192126

How does the blast equipment work?

The blasting head of the shot blasting machine is also commonly known as the shot blasting machine in the shot blasting machine. It is the main working part of the shot blasting machine. It contains impellers, blades, directional sleeves, and shot blasting wheels. The pill constantly produces friction.

The double discs in the blasting head of the shot blasting machine are riveted together to form an impeller body. The impeller body is provided with eight blades, and the impeller body is installed on a main shaft driven by a motor together with a shot blasting wheel located in the center of the shot blasting wheel. The cover is lined with a protective plate, and the cover is equipped with a directional sleeve and a pill feeding tube.

During work, the projectile flows into the shot blasters from the shot tube. The separating wheel which rotates synchronously with the blade makes the projectile get the initial velocity. The projectile flew out through the window of the directional sleeve and was thrown on the high-speed rotating blade outside the directional sleeve. After being further accelerated by the blade, it was projected on the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned.

What's the different Types of Abrasive (Sand) shot Blasting?

Steel Grit

In this process, steel grit is used as an abrasive in the removal of paint and rust from steel metals. The use of steel leaves a smooth finish. Steel grit is often preferred due to its fast cutting nature.

Glass Bead

For a matte and satin finish glass bead sandblasting is best; this is because this grit has very fine materials that polish the surface of the object being sandblasted. This type of abrasive blasting is often used on cabinets.

The quality of the shot blasting machine's shot head directly affects the effect of cleaning the workpiece. Therefore, a high quality shot blasting machine is also an important factor to consider when choosing a shot blasting machines.

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